Our clients are responsible leaders and passionate innovators who want to have a positive impact on the world. We help you and your organization activate and lead from purpose and become more conscious and impactful leaders by following a 3-step journey

Purpose in action

Disrupt yourself

We are here to help you lead into the future. It is not a rare thing that this transition requires some disruption on a personal level. But don’t be afraid, we safely guide you through this exciting journey. The 3-step process is aligned with the stages of Theory U – open mind, open heart, open will, a proven framework to unleash sustained change. Theory U was developed by Otto Scharmer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Gold and Diamonds

What are the highs and lows in your story of life?

Your Gifts

What do you naturally give to others?

Guiding Stars

What are the values that guide you?

Greatest Passions

What do you just love doing? When do you thrive?

Glühbirne Icon Werte Stärken

Intuition and Inner Guidance

What does your heart tell you to do?

Purpose Statement

What words capture your essence?

Purpose Principles

What are the guiding principles you want to apply?


What would it be like if you led from purpose?

Step #3 EMBODY

Design and Prototyping

What ideas and projects emerge from your purpose?

Embodiment & Personal Branding

Who do you want to become?

Growth Mindset

What is holding you back?


How do you make a difference for others?

Want to lead from purpose?

Tell it in a statement that inspires you

Frame your ‘WHY’ in a statement that inspires and resonates with you. Your statement doesn’t necessarily have to make sense to others. But for you it is the key to your inner room of purpose, and reflecting on it leaves you feeling grateful, excited, and empowered.

By discovering and living your 'Why', you get more...







Let's get started!

  • Workshop
  • -Ignite Your Purpose!
  • Start fresh in 2020 by discovering and connecting with your unique purpose on January 25th, 2020. In a group of dedicated change makers and individuals, we will shine a light on your essence by exploring your stories, core values and greatest talents. We will let emerge your unique purpose and explore ideas how to bring it to life.

    Workshop language: German

    Location: The Qvest hideaway, Köln

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  • 1:1 Coaching
  • -Lead From Purpose
  • Immerse yourself in this transformational and highly effective 1:1 coaching to discover and connect with your unique leadership purpose. Become a game-changer by truly living and leading from your authentic self — having a positive impact and inspiring others to follow. Together, we can work out the limiting self beliefs that have been holding you back. Let’s break the ceiling and level up your life and career!

    In person or via Zoom. Languages: English, German.

  • Workshop/Retreat
  • -Find Your Team Why
  • You want to find a shared purpose as a team or company? You want to create an inspiring vision that is aligned with your deep-rooted WHY? You want to become more conscious, agile and self-organised in you daily operations? Embark on this exciting purpose quest as a team or organization, take time to retreat, track back your history, core values and USP. Let your shared purpose emerge in a highly generative and collaborative approach you and your team will never forget.

    Languages: English, German.

For more information on a personalized workshop for your team or organization based on the Leadership Purpose Journey approach, or a Business Coaching inquiry, please send me an email.

Read what others say


In our fast-moving world, with our professional and private lives becoming more and more intermingled, clarity about your own purpose is a fundamental driving force and, at the same time, a source for balance and success. To know my purpose has helped me focus, select and decide why, what, how and with whom I want to work with. Furthermore, it keeps me motivated, along with my partners and colleagues. I warmly and absolutely recommend the Purpose Discovery to anyone in search of more clarity about which goals to pursue. Irina, with her sympathetic nature and high competence, manages to guide you through this inspiring process in search for your unique purpose.

Patrick B.
Head of Center for Advanced Sustainable Management

Irina has the unique ability get to the essence very quickly. In only one session she helped me distill and reflect upon my core themes and talents, and, together, we came up with a pointed purpose statement that has helped me thrive both in my career and personal life ever since. She combines personal depth and an analytical mind with joy and ease what makes it really pleasant and effective to work with her.

Katharina B.
Senior Manager Accenture Strategy

The stakeholder analysis that Irina uses in her Purpose Discovery is a powerful tool — and she guided me through the process with great professionalism, empathy and ease. I tend to think I don't need visualizations, that I can grasp complex concepts just through words, but at the end of this exercise, seeing — visually — how my values line up and how they in fact are all connected to the most important relationships in my private and working life was truly insightful and impactful.

Elizabeth N.
Founder and CEO language boutique

Want some inspiration on Future Business? Check out the E-Book on #FutureBusiness – #Kopföffner für ein besseres Wirtschaften, published by Stephan Grabmeier and Bertelsmann Stiftung, and Irina’s article in the Leadership section.


I'm Irina Naithani

Irina Naithani Leadership Purpose Activation

I love to immerse myself in other people’s stories

My vision is to see as many people as possible become more conscious — and aligned — with who they truly are. Because our thoughts directly impact our actions. In becoming more aware of ourselves, and in understanding our stories, we’re freed from conditioning and patterns rooted in the past. We need this inner freedom in order to make better decisions and produce different results, on a personal as well as on a collective, global level. Purpose is a powerful tool that will help lead us all into a brighter future.

After a decade in international strategy, sustainability and HR consulting, having served many leading multinational corporations, I believe now is time for more conscious leadership capacities: Leadership that is truly capable of empowering others, in a courageous and authentic way. And leadership that brings forth the best in all of us, rallying people to tackle the issues of our time — not through fear, but through the energy of collaboration, connectedness, conviction and joy.

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Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Steve Jobs