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I help you transform yourself and thrive in times of disruption. From inspiration to action: Discovering your unique purpose and being guided by an inspiring vision will help you unleash your superpower and change the world around you.

Together, we rise.

Hi, I'm Irina

Irina Naithani

My superpower is to help you find your spark and ignite a shift from inside so that, together, we create a brighter future for all. As a pragmatic visionary, I combine strong analytical thinking with an intuitive gift to sensing the essence. After a decade-long career in a big international consultancy, I realized that, even though my work life had already been dedicated to sustainable development, I felt that, in order to “change the world”, I had to step beyond the current paradigm of doing business. Therefore, after a parental leave, I decided to kick-off my own venture as a coach and an agent for conscious and purpose-driven leadership. I’m a graduated psychologist and trained coach (master coaching, systemic coaching). I love collaborating with other trailblazers who want to see rise a new kind of leadership in the world.

What is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious leadership is about addressing the world’s challenges from a different state of consciousness – one, that is aware of itself and is capable of transforming past patterns and paradigms. Actually, in order to lead into the new, this has become the most important leadership capability in the 21st century: disruptive VUCA markets, digitalization, the need for connectedness and emotional belonging, and, most importantly, a more sustainable development of the planet. I developed RISE leadership model to emphasise the four core qualities of conscious leadership:

– taking radical responsibility;

– becoming intentional and being inspired by an authentic purpose;

soulful sensing into the field and connecting with deeper levels of knowing;

empathic empowering oneself and others.

In my offerings, we deepen our understanding of the four core qualities of conscious leadership and learn practical tools how to incorporate them into our everyday lives and businesses.

Irina Naithani Conscious Leadership Empowerment

Start by setting a clear intention: Discover your unique purpose

You feel like there is more to life and your current career? You want to help shape a new kind of leadership style and make a difference in the life of others as well? By embarking on your purpose journey, you gain clarity about your life’s signature themes, core values and greatest talents. We will activate your inner guidance to not only consult your mind, but to also gain intuitive insights—your so called gut feeling—about what you want to create in your life. Together, we will craft an hands-on roadmap how you start living and leading with purpose. To find out more about each of the 7 steps in the Padlet below.


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Transformational Retreats

Take dedicated time for your conscious leadership development. Warning: Life-changing insights might occur! Enjoy an inspiring, eco-luxury setting, for example here.

Leadership & Purpose Coaching

Purpose Discovery and Life Visioning coaching for business leaders, innovators and everyone who wants to gain more clarity about his/her True North. Find out more here.

Learning Journeys & Workshops

Custom-made workshops and virtual trainings empowering leaders to become more aware of themselves and others. Experience-based and human-centred approach.

From Inspiration to Action

Do you want to get monthly Conscious Leadership inspirations?


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. 

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.



My purpose-driven partners

What others say about my work

In our fast-moving world, with our professional and private lives becoming more and more intermingled, clarity about your own purpose is a fundamental driving force and, at the same time, a source for balance and success. To know my purpose has helped me focus, select and decide why, what, how and with whom I want to work with. Furthermore, it keeps me motivated, along with my partners and colleagues. I warmly and absolutely recommend the Purpose Discovery to anyone in search of more clarity about which goals to pursue. Irina, with her sympathetic nature and high competence, manages to guide you through this inspiring process in search for your unique purpose.

Patrick B.
Head of Center for Advanced Sustainable Management

Irina has the unique ability get to the essence very quickly. In only one session she helped me distill and reflect upon my core themes and talents, and, together, we came up with a pointed purpose statement that has helped me thrive both in my career and personal life ever since. She combines personal depth and an analytical mind with joy and ease what makes it really pleasant and effective to work with her.

Katharina B.
Senior Manager Accenture Strategy

The stakeholder analysis that Irina uses in her Purpose Discovery is a powerful tool — and she guided me through the process with great professionalism, empathy and ease. I tend to think I don't need visualizations, that I can grasp complex concepts just through words, but at the end of this exercise, seeing — visually — how my values line up and how they in fact are all connected to the most important relationships in my private and working life was truly insightful and impactful.

Elizabeth N.
CEO language boutique

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