You want live and lead in alignment with your Purpose? We help you reconcile heart & mind, activate a strong growth mindset, and discover your purpose in three steps. Our retreats take place at beautiful and hand-picked destinations, and help you ground yourself to experience more inner freedom.



We believe that it is infinitely valuable for every person to engage intensively with the questions “Who am I?” and “What do I bring into the world?”. In phases of change and upheaval. But also to live life more consciously and to the fullest. For this we create the space.

With SOUL SUITE you embark on a journey — to yourself. These are magical places that you will discover and that will help you to position yourself. And, as on any journey, you will return more consciously back to your everyday life.


Hi, I'm Irina

Irina Naithani Leadership Purpose Activation

By the end of 2018, the time had come: A voice in me had become louder and louder over time. Convinced that another way of life and the way we conduct business are possible. And that it starts with each and every one of us — thinking, feeling and acting on our habits. Above all, finally, to open our hearts again.

So I decided to follow my inner calling: to create SOUL SUITE, a unique space in which you get to know and understand yourself better. To delve deeply into and explore your personal Why, your purpose. A sacred place to finally feel home — at yourself.

In my work, I blend my experiences from more than 11 years of strategy consulting for an international consultancy, most recently as a senior manager, and my professional qualifications as a graduated psychologist and certified coach. In addition, I am currently completing the Master Coaching Program at the renowned Dr. Bock Coaching Akademie in Berlin.



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  • Are you in a state of upheaval and reorienting yourself professionally and / or privately? You want an experienced sparring partner, who helps you dissolve inner blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals? Book your free preliminary talk today for a personal coaching with Irina.
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  • Make yourself a gift — invest in your personal growth and gain clarity about the key issues in life “Who am I?” and “What do I want to bring into the world?”. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty at one of our handpicked destinations.
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  • Get to know our platform for Conscious Leadership and our workshop offers for companies and organizations. Read on here.


Update your inner GPS

Discover and activate your inner compass. Our GPS model helps you gain clarity about the different levels and steps:

GPS Model

GROWTH MINDSET: Discover and reframe

Which values are essential for you? And when do you expereince flow? Re-write your own story and let go of obstructive thought patterns.

PURPOSE: Sense and articulate

What do you want to create in your life? And for whom do you want to make a difference? Connect with your unique Why.

SOULFORCE: Act and embody

What are the most powerful choices can you make for your life today? Unleash your power — your soul force.


Weekend & Life Time Retreats

Weekend Retreat: Nature Reserve Eifel, Germany

You want to escape from the bustling city life and reconnect with yourself in nature? Our weekend retreats in the Eifel National Park offer you an unrivalled combination of coaching sessions, relaxation with a personal spa and nature. Only one hour car ride from Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn.

Life Time Retreat: Cyclades, Greece

Make yourself or your beloved ones an unforgettable gift and spend some time to center yourself in the stunning beauty and natural environment of the Eastern Aegean. Situated on a secluded island, we offer you an authentic and yet stylish apartment overlooking the sea. This is just the perfect place to reconnect with your unique purpose and bring your life to next level.


Coaching Flow

Our Eifel weekend retreat works like this:

Arrival on Friday afternoon

You can relax in your private chalet with chimney and sauna.


We work 3x 90-120 minutes – depending on your energy level and curiosity. Highlight of the day is to elaborate your vision.


Your coach comes to see you from 10-12 am to reflect and wrap up your insights, and develop a power strategy that will help you infuse your daily life with a new kind of spirit.

Every retreat is a unique experience and all schedules will be tailored to your individual needs. Get in touch for more detailed information.



In our fast-moving world, with our professional and private lives becoming more and more intermingled, clarity about your own purpose is a fundamental driving force and, at the same time, a source for balance and success. To know my purpose has helped me focus, select and decide why, what, how and with whom I want to work with. Furthermore, it keeps me motivated, along with my partners and colleagues. I warmly and absolutely recommend the Purpose Discovery to anyone in search of more clarity about which goals to pursue. Irina, with her sympathetic nature and high competence, manages to guide you through this inspiring process in search for your unique purpose.

Patrick B.
Head of Center for Advanced Sustainable Management

Irina has the unique ability get to the essence very quickly. In only one session she helped me distill and reflect upon my core themes and talents, and, together, we came up with a pointed purpose statement that has helped me thrive both in my career and personal life ever since. She combines personal depth and an analytical mind with joy and ease what makes it really pleasant and effective to work with her.

Katharina B.
Senior Manager Accenture Strategy

The stakeholder analysis that Irina uses in her Purpose Discovery is a powerful tool — and she guided me through the process with great professionalism, empathy and ease. I tend to think I don't need visualizations, that I can grasp complex concepts just through words, but at the end of this exercise, seeing — visually — how my values line up and how they in fact are all connected to the most important relationships in my private and working life was truly insightful and impactful.

Elizabeth N.
Founder and CEO language boutique

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. 

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.


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Get to know our platform for Conscious Leadership and find out more about our workshop offerings for business and organizations.