7 Steps How to Find Your Purpose & Vision in Life

You feel like there is more to life and your current career path? You want to help shape a new kind of leadership style and make a difference in the life of others as well? By embarking on your purpose journey, you gain clarity about your life’s signature themes, core values and greatest talents. We will activate your inner guidance to not only consult your mind, but to also gain intuitive insightsyour so called gut feelingabout what you want to create in your life. Together, we will craft an hands-on roadmap how you start living and leading with purpose.


Find out more about each of the 7 steps:



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Irina Naithani is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, Master Coach (DBCA) and former Sustainability Strategy Senior Manager. She writes about Conscious Leadership, Purpose and how we can drive change from the inside out. Get in touch via: