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Leadership Journey Design

Who am I? What is my work? Why do I do the things I do? What do I want to create? What does responsible leadership mean to me? These powerful questions need a room to be pondered on and to be carefully examined. I help you set up an expedition from the inside out. A group of executives embarks on this empowering journey to discover their unique gift to the world, increase their levels of self-awareness, reinvigorate their minds and hearts and reconnect with the inner compass and its invaluable guidance. Services offered:

  • Program Design – blended digital learning approach
  • Purpose Coaching and Consulting
  • Workshop Facilitation

Purpose Coaching & Consulting

Discover your unique purpose — as a leader, an individual, a team or an organization. Are you open to honestly reflect on your life’s highs and the lows, and how these experiences made you the person you are today? Do you want to create impact by working in a way that is aligned with your purpose? I’m here to guide you on this exciting journey. Services offered:

  • 1:1 Purpose and Impact Coaching
  • Program Design and Consulting
  • Workshops

Co-creation & Collaboration in for-purpose initiatives

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, I’m passionate about contributing my know-how to meaningful projects and transformation programs that aim to

  • transform the economy and build purpose-driven brands and businesses
  • advance SDG action and the UN 2030 Agenda
  • spread Theory U and strengthen the u.lab movement
Conscious leadership

A new paradigm

We are living in exciting times. In our Western and industrialized societies, we have been experiencing a decades-long period of peace, freedom and material prosperity, leading to unprecedented levels of individual fulfillment and self-actualization. Yet we know that we cannot remain on the current path: the paradigm of unlimited growth has been leading the world into an ecological crisis. To continue pursuing the living standards of developed countries means consuming the natural resources of 2.5 planets every year, making it impossible for Planet Earth to recover. Next to the need for sustainable development, a new type of digitized society is dawning and radically changing the way we live and work.

These ecological and societal challenges are urging for new entrepreneurial — and political — responses, and for leaders who, in the light of the pace and complexity of these issues, courageously thrive to transform and guide our businesses, institutions and societies into the future, along the lines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Luckily, there is a new generation of leaders taking over, individuals who are keen to change the track of the world for the better.

Strongly influenced by MIT lecturer Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, I believe that the key to unleashing one’s full potential and transformational power is exactly this: Increasing your awareness and re-connecting with the source. Once you have freed yourself from inner negativity and self-sabotaging (“absencing”), you can “think the presence from the future as it emerges,” or, as Scharmer names it: “presencing.” You become able to discover and realize your full potential — as an individual and as a group of people.


When an organization starts with WHY, they stand for something bigger than any product, result or metric. Their brand has real meaning and true value in the world. They are better able to attract and unite employees, customers and partners. And their people love coming to work.

Simon Sinek
Bestselling author “Start With Why”

Why is purpose so important? According to Gallup’s Engagement Index 2018, only 15% of employees are highly engaged. The vast majority (71%) feel no emotional bond between themselves and what they do, and some even actively seek to sabotage their employer. The business case for purpose is clear since it translates not only into greater job satisfaction, higher productivity, lower staff turnover, but also into increased customer loyalty and the long-term success of a company.

And there are even more compelling benefits:

  1. With a clear focus and a “true north,” you become more effective in what you do.
  2. Moving from good to great: Since your purpose builds on your natural talents and what you enjoy doing, you become even better and thrive on what you do.
  3. You feel accomplished and happy, because what you do is meaningful to you.


Now, imagine if the majority of people would go to work with conviction and joy. As a result, I believe we could tackle a large number of problems in a very short period of time!


The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level of thinking – consciousness – at which we have created them…

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humankind is to survive.

Albert Einstein